Oily / Acne / Pustule

No one wants to have pimples and even worse….Acne!

Acne is the result of congested skin which is in the form of black heads or closed comedones. Congestion is classified has having sebum trapped in the hair follicle. This sebum is usually dry and sticky and is unable to be wicked completely out of the follicle. Mixing this mess with dead skin cells gives rise to the increase of congestion, making for lumpy skin texture.

Secret weapon Acne treatment: A balance exfoliation of skin cells and proper hydration with

PriyanaMD VersaCleanse
PriyanaMD HylaSilk HA serum
– PriyanaMD VersaMask
– PriyanaMD VersaPeel home exfoliating serum

The quick fix to get rid of acne: Congestion can be minimized with a good exfoliating cleanser that has AHA/BHA acids. VersaCleanse by PriyanaMD is the perfect daily wash for different types of acne sufferers!
Acne suffers should say no to toners and exchange it with a good exfoliating cleanser. Toners are tempting for those of us with oily skin, but they can actually make your issue worse because they dry out the skin, so it overcompensates and actually produces more oil. Our skin is designed to stay moist, so drying products shift glands into overdrive. Instead use a cleanser with Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, with hazel instead. These ingredients are all found in PriyanaMD VersaCleanse Foaming Brightening Cleanser with AHA/ BHA acids.

Acnetic skin will have Propionibacterium (P.bacteria) present on and in the skin.  With the combination of closed comedones and bacteria, the skin will be inflamed and these lesions will hurt, be infected and cause scaring.  Sebum can cause inflammation and will result as a pustule.  Acne is caused by over production of skin cells and overactive sebaceous glands which is usually triggered by the hormone androgen.

Prevention: Use a good cleanser with AHA/BHA acids with possibly the Clarisonic brush daily or a hand towel. It’s important that a light exfoliation is done daily either night or day that does not strip the skin. VersaCleanse by Priyana MD is recommended to remove skin cells that build up through the day. If you are heavily congested, Priyana MD offers VersaMask Black Purfying Mask that is an excellent option for oily skin. You should start at home facials to include a mask 1 a week to help remove black heads and debris, unclog pores and balance skin tone. Start to clean out your diet and consider a liver cleanse by Global Healing Centers because what goes on in our skin is related to our gut. It is highly recommended to get regular peels if you suffer from acne. Priyana MD offers VersaPeel, a home exfoliation serum that will exfoliate the skin and provide a micro peel effect. VersaPeel consists of 5 acids and skin lightening agents and will help you to get the result from a professional peel at half the cost. It is suggested that an acne patient will apply VersaPeel 2 x week for 3-5 minutes. Caution, this product tingles, because it works!!!! This is an at home acne peel treatment that will get your skin in shape quickly!!!!

Your Moisturizing the wrong way!!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some ingredients can add unneeded grease to the skin, which stops up pores and can lead to breakouts. Clogged pores can result from many ingredients found in skincare. It’s important to choose an oil free light weight moisturizer, in specific a light weight serum so it penetrates easily and hydrates the skin without irritation. Priyana MD’s HylaSilk HA serum is the best option for an oily/acne patient. Hydration helps to slow down oil production. We recommend HylaSilk because it is a light hydrating moisturizer to seal in moisture and it also has Vitamin B3 which is great to reduce skin shine and inflammation. One of the reasons that skin over produces oil is dehydration, as the skin is working to prevent moisture loss. Also, patients tend to be more congested in drier regions then in states that have humidity. So if you live in a dry region, you should be diligent with moisturizing with HylaSilk by PriyanaMD.

The life changing fix: If your skin is not smooth and has a lot of texture to it, it’s likely you have a lot of closed comedones. Most people will have almost every follicle filled with this sticky debris. Proper products, exfoliation, extractions, and peels are your first line of defense. But you should start exfoliating at home if you want clear skin long term!!! Incorporate VersaCleanse, HylaSilk, VersaMask Black Purfying Mask and VersaPeel to take control of your acne!!

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