The Importance of Barrier Function, Niacinamide and Liposomal Delivery found in PriyanaMD Skincare

Did you know that the average skincare product provides less than 5% penetration. It is important to use products that offer a high penetration rate with delivery systems. Your products should be formulated to help rebuild, repair, remodel and preserve the epidermal layers of the skin while building collagen and strengthening elasticity. A liposome delivery system, seen throughout the PriyanaMD [...]

How to use VersaPeel by Priyana MD

PriyanaMD featured at Electrolysis Florida Society Meeting

Studies show that TEWL causes premature aging! Do you have TEWL?

Transepidermal Water Loss TEWL stands for “transepidermal water loss.”  When the skin loses too much water the outer layers hardens and develops fine cracks and lines.  When the outer layer of skin (stratem corneum) falls below 10%, abnormal desquamation of corneocytes (death of cells) occurs.  Skin starts to feels rough and tough and you notice reduced elasticity and you start to look older.  Think [...]

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Revealed Did you know that a spotless, smooth, flawless complexion is lying just beneath the surface of your skin—and doctors have found that a classic treatment is the fastest way there. Why do Celebrities look so young? Is it because they live stress-free lives, in million dollar mansions with personal chefs? Well, maybe! But most celebrities also have [...]

(December 2014) The PriyanaMD difference. A team of National Cosmetic Trainers with a passion for skin and skin health.

Clinically tested, physician approved skincare that provides versatile skin solutions for all skin types. Priyana, meaning “Ideal”, is a name that originated in India. This name demonstrates the range of skin types we treat. PriyanaMD products are formulated and developed by a collaborative team of skin experts in the cosmetic field. Skin is our passion! Our experience covers a range [...]

(August 2015) PriyanaMD, A Comprehensive Professional Skincare Line Launches New Clinically Tested Anti-Aging Eye Cream

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE         PriyanaMD, A Comprehensive Professional Skincare Line Launches New Clinically Tested Anti-Aging Eye Cream  Tampa, FL (January xx, 2015) – PriyanaMD, a specialty aesthetics company, pioneering the development of differentiated medical grade skincare products based on the science of HylaCell Technology, introduces a clinically tested eye cream called VersaLift Eye Restore + Lifting Cream. PriyanaMD [...]

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