Do’s and Don’ts for Oily Skin 

The most difficult of all skin conditions is oily skin. Everyone knows this! The bad news, is that many women overtreat their oily skin, either ending up with wrong skin products or totally quitting skin treatments. The natural skin healing process slows down as you age. Above all, some natural repair ingredients in human body like Hyaluronic Acid do not reproduce 100%. Hyaluronic Acid, an essential ingredient for securing moisture in the skin and controlling the skin balance.

You might be tired of free and unwanted suggestions that haven’t helped your skin, such as eat healthy for maintaining healthy oily skin. But here, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts for oily skin with reasoning along with unveiling some surprises for you.

The Do’s if you have Oily Skin

Wash Your Face The Right Way
Do you wash your face three or four times a day to prevent excess oil production? Do you wear oil preventive make up to avoid that glow on nose, forehead, chin, and all over your face?

When you wear oil-restricting make up for long hours, your skin receives less oxygen and the skin pores do not release excess oil. Additionally the harmful environmental pollutants stick with the makeup layers. The skin absorbs these pollutants and the enter and clog the pores. This way, the oil-restrictive makeup may make acne worse.

When you wash your face repeatedly throughout the day to avoid excess oil on your face, the chemicals in face wash suck out essential oils and strip your skin. This leads to extra oil production by sebaceous glands in skin. Ultimately, the more you wash your oily skin, the more your skin releases excess oils.

So what is the right way, you ask? Wash oily skin only two times a day, including once in the morning and once before going to the bed. Squeeze out skin wash on your fingertips and gently mix it with water to make foam. Gently rub this form on your skin in circular motion using fingertips only. Make sure to avoid the contact of your nails with the skin. Also, wash with lukewarm water or cold water.

Cleanse Regularly with the Right Products

Cleansing is the process of relaxing your tissues, activating the sleeping cells, and introducing essential ingredients in the skin (which body requires or might have become deprived of) to improve the skin. Cleansing also helps improve the production of collagen and improving skin’s natural repair process.

A daily cleansing routine is essential. Follow the given steps to avail all benefits of cleansing.

1. Wash the skin with a good hydrant.

2. Apply cleanser on the fingertips and a little on the skin.

3. Rub cleanser gently in circular motions in clockwise directions.

4. Leave the cleanser on skin for a few minutes.

5. Now, use a natural fiber cloth to remove cleanser from skin.

The effects of cleansing greatly depend on the products that you use. Salicylic Acid, Benzyl peroxide, Sulfur, Glycolic Acid, Retinol, and Hyaluronic Acid are effective in improving skin condition, controlling acne and Rosacea, and boosting skin repair process. Priyana VersaCleanse contains the right combinations of Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Gycolic Acid along with Green tea extract, Aloe Vera, and vitamin B-complex. The ingredients are useful for moisturizing the skin, retaining moisture in the skin, removing dirt and grime, killing bacteria, and filling pores by stimulating collagen production.


Establish a Nighttime Routine

Drink at least one glass of distilled water before going to bed. The aforementioned ingredients are also useful for getting rid of the skin damages caused during the daytime. These include the effects of harmful sunrays, reduction in essential ingredients in the skin, friction in the skin, excessive sebum and oil production, attack of the bacteria and environmental pollutants and toxins, and more.

The nighttime routine includes getting adequate and healthy sleep. Apply a skin repairing and rejuvenating cream like PriyanaMD’s HyalSilk or Damage Control at night to repair skin while you sleep. It moisturizes the skin and improves collagen production and elasticity of the skin to treat wrinkles and fine lines as well as lightens pigment. The antioxidants help to kill bacteria and free radicals. It also helps cure inflammation and toxin attack. An effective nighttime eye cream is essential to relax eyes and treat the effects aging.. PriyanaMD’s VersaLift Eye Restore + Lifting Cream is one eye cream that does it all…


The Don’ts if you have Oily Skin

The condition and treatment of your skin depends on your food, lifestyle, and everything around. Here are a few don’ts to avoid in your life for a healthy, glowing, and oil-free skin.

1. Do not skip washing your hair. You should wash your hair at least alternate days, or
thrice a week. Tie your hair to avoid their contact with skin if your hair is not washed.

2. Change your bed sheets and pillows often. A dirty pillow may expose your skin to skin
damaging bacteria.

3. Don’t overmedicate your skin. Don’t use combination of multiple skin treatments.

4. Don’t exfoliate your skin often. Use exfoliating solutions with thin particles. Mix them
with water to make a thin solution.

5. Don’t eat fatty or oily foods. Eat foods rich in water like raw green vegetables and

6. Don’t skip drinking adequate water, at least three glasses a day to stay hydrated.

People with acne prone or oily skin may choose medicated makeup products. You should also provide a nice coverage to your skin before applying makeup. As mentioned earlier, makeup may interfere with skin’s natural repair and oil production process. PriyanaMD’s HylaSilk is a moisturizing serum that is also a skin primer. Rich in Vitamin B3, antioxidants, and Hyaluronic Acid, it repairs the skin underneath and gives you runway looks. HylaSilk is the GO TO moisturizer for patients with oily skin. HylaSilk will help to balance the oil production, reduce skin shine, minimize pores and hydrated the skin. It also lightens scars If you suffer from acne marks.

Proper skin care, for oily skin, is critical. Incorporate a good cleanser with Glycolic and Salicylic Acid such as VersaCleanse. Apply HylaSilk twice daily to minimize pores, control skin shine and balance the oil products. By incorporating these ingredinets you will be on your way to improved skin health and pimple free skin.