Hylacell Technology

Hylacell Technology
The best of both worlds: There is a breakthrough category of skin care to blend a high level Hylauronic Acid with Stem Cells to Hylacell Technologyassist in the Hylauronic and Collagen loss as you age. Hylacell Technology is a proprietary powerful blend of ingredients that powerfully moisturizes the skin creating the appearance of plumpness and overall improved appearance. The proprietary HylaCell™ technology helps your skin to appear rested, smooth and more vibrant. HylaCell™ provides long-lasting benefits by moisturizing the skin from the inside out.

Hyaluronic acid:
    – Curb premature wrinkling
    – Increase skin hydration
    – Keep skin moist and smooth
    – Boost skin elasticity
    – Enhance collagen synthesis
    – Nourish healthy skin cell growth

Stem cells:
    – Protect longevity of skin stem cell
    – Delay biological aging of essential cells
    – Preserve youthful look & vitality of skin
    – Promote skin’s ability to regenerate