Transepidermal Water Loss

TEWL stands for “transepidermal water loss.”  When the skin loses too much water the outer layers hardens and develops fine cracks and lines.  When the outer layer of skin (stratem corneum) falls below 10%, abnormal desquamation of corneocytes (death of cells) occurs.  Skin starts to feels rough and tough and you notice reduced elasticity and you start to look older.  Think of your skin as a sponge.  Without water it is hard and rough, but just add water and it becomes soft and pliable. 
What causes TEWL?  Did you know that your skin loses water when the Relative Humidity falls below 60%, therefore humidifiers are great to have in the bedroom. Other factors that cause TEWL are stress, hot water, soap, chemicals, frequent bathing, and prescription drugs. But once the skin becomes dry, it is irritated and increasingly harder to maintain moisture until you find the perfect fix or product.
So how do we prevent it?  You may need to bring a humidifier to the office and put one in your bedroom.  Use Hylauronic acid products as a moisturizer such as HylaSilk by PriyanaMD to put the Water, Moisture and Elastin back into your skin. Be sure drink your body weight in ounces of spring water.
THE CURE:  Re-hydration with humectants and lipid barrier protection with emollients.  You can find all of these ingredients in the PriyanaMD family of products with HylaSilk, VersaCleanse, VersaLift and Damage Control C + DNA. Humectants are molecules that are like water magnets attracting and holding water to plump and hydrate.  PriyanaMD uses humectants like Aloe Vera, Glycerine, Panthenol, HA, Amino Acids, Botanical Extracts, Seaweed and Algae Extracts, Peptides, Mucopolysaccharides (plant sugars), and GAG’s.  Probably the most effective is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) because it holds up to 4000 times it’s weight in water. Think of these water logged humectants surrounding dermal proteins (collagen and elastin) and keeping them pliable and elastic. This is why one simple product like HylaSilk HA serum that was specifically designed to prevent TEWL and is a vital product in your anti-aging skincare regimen. 
The lipid barrier is an invisible shield covering your skin that prevents TEWL.  The lipid barrier is destroyed by simply cleansing with soap and water. PriyanaMD uses ingredients to restore lipid barriers:  Olive Oil, Jojoba, Peptides, Hylauronic Acid Ceramides, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) and Vitamins.  Now you know why MOISTURIZING is so important for every skin type.
If you feel that your skin is dry and dull, start your regimen by using PriyanaMD’s VersaPeel Intense Corrective Serum to sluff off some of the dead skin cells that have accumulated so your skin is better prepared to handle the other skincare moisturizers.