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CE Ferulic Acid Skin Lightening Serum



Vitamin C E Ferulic Acid Serum For Skin Lightening

Vitamin C and Antioxidant Serum is your superhero skin brightening formula packed with antioxidants VItamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. This best Vitamin C and Antioxidant Serum helps to visibly improved skin tone, skin texture and overall skin lightening. Packed with powerful antioxidants, this serum work collectively to help visibly fight against premature aging, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Best Vitamin C Serum for Hyperpigmentation and used for all skin types. One of the best natural remedies, Vitamin CE Ferulic Acid serum for hyper pigmentation, Vitamin C has been proven to be a natural wrinkle reducer, Ferulic Acid skin lightening benefits.

Suggested Skin Type: All


  • Non-irritating formula
  • Ferulic Acid skin lightening
  • Helps to visually brighten and lighten the skin
  • Visibly improves sun-damaged and aging skin to create overall radiance
  • Fight free radical damage
  • Best forms of Vitamin C for skin lightening and best Vitamin C for skin brightening
  • Advanced skin care vitamin C serum with additional antioxidants
  • Vitamin C and Antioxidant Serum
  • Best Vitamin C L Ascorbic Acid for skin lightening
  • Vitamin C and Antioxidant Serum
  • Advanced Skin care Vitamin C Serum
  • Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum
  • Vitamin C Serum for Skin Lightening

CE Ferulic Acid Skin Lightening Serum Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Love them but wish I would have gotten brochures...

Posted by Trish Stephenson on Mar 25th 2019

Love them but wish I would have gotten brochures with them, so I can accurately tell pts how they compare to others.

CE Ferulic

Posted by Mark Greig on Aug 23rd 2018

We love this skin lightening product for our patients. It works and leaves skin feeling super soft.
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