Priyana means IDEAL in the ancient Indian Sanskrit language. We are a female-founded startup providing natural products IDEAL for all skin types, genders, and ethnicities. 

At PriyanaMD®, Mother Nature Is Our Scientist. We focus on naturally-derived IDEAL skincare - a preferred brand with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, regenerative medical practitioners, and estheticians who use our products in clinical treatments and sell to consumers for home use.

Our founders Melissa deeply believe thats great skincare creates great self-esteem. Both have personally suffered from skin conditions and are now committed to solve skin problems so that others don't have to experience what they did.

Melissa Crane – Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Melissa experienced adult acne in her 20s and melasma during her pregnancies. This was a major impetus for her researching formulations for creating the IDEAL skincare product line. She wanted to create a line that she would want as she aged, which in turn would help numerous other people. She knows first hand the emotional impact of skin problems, leading her to create effective formulations that can help others. 

"In my 17 years working with physicians and aestheticians, I have witnessed the daunting physical and emotional pain people experience with acne, melasma, skin discoloration, rosacea and anti-aging. I have held the hands of many patients (specifically acne) who were hopeless and suffered from depression due to their skin issues. My commitment is to help improve the lives of others with quality, ethics, and empathy. I earned an Aestheticians license and speak at esthetician conferences. As a result, I developed a naturally-derived skincare line applicable across all skin types and genders using highly active ingredients, proven delivery systems, and science-backed technology focused on reducing inflammation, a common denominator in most skin conditions.

As the Founder and Chief Creative Officer and an ‘ingredient nerd’, I have personally formulated all of our products to be natural, clean, and effective. I train all of our clients to deliver our skincare effectively to their patients. I am committed to skincare."