At PriyanaMD®, Mother Nature Is Our Scientist and our focus is making skincare products that deliver outstanding performance with science-backed naturally-derived ingredientsPriyanaMD is proud to follow INCI ingredient standards for truth in labeling.  INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is the universal system for listing health and beauty aid ingredients.  Listed by scientific names and Latin words, these ingredients are recognized by many countries, regardless of language.  This benefits our customers by identifying the complete ingredient content in each product.


Melissa Crane – Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Melissa believes that great skin creates great self-esteem and great skin is achievable if you address skin inflammation and overall skin health. Skin cannot work naturally to utilize ingredients if the skin is not in optimum shape. At PriyanaMD, we believe our products are like strength training in the gym and we target skin to naturally improve overall skin performance, health and skin functionality. Our formulations are developed to increase skin's core strength, to enhance skins barrier function, to reduce moisture loss and increase GAG's in skin so that skin can naturally improve and perform at optimum levels.  Skin is much like athletic performance in the gym as it is being attacked everyday with intrinsic and extrinsic factors and this causes the skin to loose important vitamins, nutrients and operate slowly. We believe that skin needs to be reprogrammed through natural ingredients that improve skin Barrier function, loss of ceramides and skin inflammation so that we can ultimately improve overall skin health in a natural approach.  We address skin barrier function  and inflammation with replenishing vitamins, nutrients and amino acids back into the skin where it can create the proper signaling process. Some products act like a bandaid to skin with no long term improvement because it is not address the root of the problem. At PriyanaMD, our approach is to naturally address inflammation and barrier function with all products, to restart and recode the skin's natural process and to repair damage by replenishing the skin with ingredients so the skin itself has increased optimum performance.