PriyanaMD utilizes both Plant and Human Stem Cells in our skincare formulations. HylaCell Youth Accelerator is Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells that redefines aging and repairs skin at the cellular level. HylaCell Growth Factor delivers a blend of Advanced Regenerative Stem Cells with Antioxidants, Botanical Extracts, Vitamins and Peptides to deliver amazing results. 




What are Growth Factors?

In simple, Growth Factors are proteins that communicate to skin. Everyone is born with Growth Factors and they deplete during the natural aging process. Human Stem Cells derived Growth Factors are Growth Factors (proteins) extracted from Stem Cells. Stem Cells yield the highest volume of Growth Factors. Growth Factors are proteins and act as signaling communication highway to the skin to provide cell to cell communication to repair, heal and rejuvenate. So the more Growth Factors, the higher the communication to skin, the better improved results.

Why you need Growth Factors?

Studies have shown that Stem Cells have have a number of proteins detected from 600 to a little over 800 communicating Growth Factors. Most important, Stem Cells prompt YOUR fibroblasts to produce more proteins. It makes your skin start to work smarter and optimize skin health. Stem Cells help your cells to produce the good stuff right at the right location, and it is more powerful and more effective and repairing. It is the stem cells job to heal and manage inflammation/damage. 

All of the academic literature shows that Growth Factors work together, like a symphony, coordinating healing and repair when ALL are present in proportions that mimic those present normally when stem cells are naturally involved in healing in the body.

Finally, HylaCell Growth Factor offers the most advanced, cutting-edge technology in Aesthetic Medicine by formulating our products with a new, patented technology which stimulates Stem Cells to differentiate and produce more Growth Factors.