​How to Find Simple Ways To Cleanse Your Skin

Posted by Melissa Crane on May 18th 2022

Over the years I’ve tried over 50 different facial cleansers searching for the perfect solution for my skin issues. Some too drying, others wouldn’t remove makeup and those that were just bad quality! 

I would read countless articles and magazines with new product suggestions, shopping every beauty store aisle purchasing cleansers in all different forms; gel, cream, foam, harsh, gentle and even the one with scrubbing micro-beads. Now, fast forward years later, I actually know what works for me (a foam cleanser in conjunction with a facial toner) but this took one encounter and some good ole fashion “less is more” training in self control.

I love my skin feeling clean and fresh but here’s where it gets interesting... one day in the Dallas airport, sitting at a restaurant I struck up a conversation with a  man next to me, as he noticed my freshly purchased “less than 3oz TSA approved cleanser”.  He was a physician and I had time to kill. As we started talking and quickly got deep into discussion about my facial cleanser issues and how I could not find the perfect cleanser for me. Yes I am talking about washing my face and washing my hair with a complete stranger. 
While discussing my constant need to feel clean, I reiterated that no matter how many times I cleansed my skin, I would still break out. And this is when he told me the cold, hard truth. I was likely “over washing” my skin. He asked how many times I washed my face and I counted, once in the morning, once in the evening but if I work out I also take a shower and then if I go out that evening I may take another shower. I gave further explanation that in the morning I would especially want to cleanse after applying Retin A at night before I sleep, such as Differin, Tazorac or Tretinoin the night before. So in many cases we are looking at washing my face one-four times a day. 
Can you guess what he did? Come on, take a guess... he laughed out loud! Then I laughed. Remember, I had 4 times a cleaner face than other people…NOT!  
Actually my skin was dryer, not as vibrant and I was in between zit city and clear skin -I never knew what my skin was going to do. This physician told me three things:
1) Find a good face wash that is not overly drying 
2) use a makeup remover to remove excess makeup and/or a good facial toner 
3) do not wash my face more than twice daily. Instead of cleansing more, couple the cleanser with a facial toner, cold cream or a Micellar water product 
It was at that moment that I learned that I was doing everything wrong to achieve a clear complexion. Now, does this mean cleansing your skin is bad? No… but it means you need to focus on the “less is more” approach, even when your skin is broken out with pimples or acne…because it’s easy to overthink things. Some simple ways to cleanse skin without striping the skin barrier are through facial toners. They also help to restore moisture back into skin and leave the skin refreshed, smooth with a more polished look. 

What Does Toner Do For Skin: 7 Benefits

  • Restore pH balance of skin.
  • Helps remove oil and makeup.
  • Aids skin in retaining moisture.
  • Soothes and refreshes skin.
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Skin appears smoother, with a more polished look.
  • Helps protect skin from the elements.
  • Temporarily tightens skin.
Here's how you find the right products.
Step #1 - Go to PriyanaMD and go to Cleanse and Tone 
Step #2 - Scroll and read through cleansers and toner to understand the benefits. 

In addition, you can read benefits of each cleansing and facial toner product to determine which is right for you. The VersaTone CBD face toner is formulated with Sativa full spectrum CBD and its excellent for all skin types, including acne prone skin and red skin. CBD has been linked to having benefits for P Bacteria and acne prone skin. Another toner option is VersaTone Micellar Water which is an on -the-go facial toner and make it remover without CBD that can be used any time, simple and easy, perfect for travel, gym or at your sink or nightstand. Look for the cleansers that are very relevant to what's going on in your skin and couple that with a facial toner alternative.

Step #3 - Scroll through and check out any additional products that may suite your and checkout. PriyanaMD has awesome discount codes like Beauty20 that give 20% off on their products so try and use their beauty codes at checkout.

Step #4
- Enjoy the products and see your skin respond in a more healthy manner. Or if you already have cleaners but no toners, just purchase what you need until your other products run out! Don’t waste good quality skincare. It's that simple. And you learned it from me, who made all the same mistakes.