Modus Operandi to Reduce Eye Puffiness

Apr 8th 2019

There are umpteen factors which lead to the puffiness of the eye for example allergies, eye fatigue, stress, excessive consumption of salt, sinus problems, etc. It is often observed that the eye seems to be puffy after we wake up from sleeping. It is because we do not blink while sleeping and that leads to the development of eye puffiness. Swollen eyes also signal that there may be an underlying medical problem. Diseases like kidney failure also lead to puffiness of the eye. Eye puffiness can also be genetic as is seen in many cases. Hyperthyroidism also causes puffiness of the eye.

How to get rid of eye puffiness?

Since every cloud has a silver lining, similarly there are a lot of products to get rid of puffiness of the eye like eye patches anti-aging, eye patches skin care,etc. Some of them are listed below.

(1) Normal Eye patch 

An eye patch is a piece of cloth that is worn on the eye preferably before going to sleep. They help in a great deal to remove the puffiness of the eye. Eye patches to reduce puffiness are easily available in the retailer's shop and also many online sites. They come at an affordable price. They are filled with moisturizers that remove fine lines and wrinkles. Some of the eye patches are also medicated to avoid allergy and side reactions. There are also eye patches of a different genre that serve different purposes.

Eye patches for anti-aging: 

This category of eye patches serve a different purpose as compared to the eye patches to reduce puffiness. These eye patches improve the elasticity of the skin. They have no harmful side effects on the skin and work effectively and gently. A lot of people leaves these eye patches on their eyes overnight and go off to sleep. This, however, has a negative impact as the skin if pressed against pillows or other items can lead to the formation of more wrinkles. To solve this problem, there are gel eye patches available in the market. Eye patches anti-aging product is more in demand as compared to eye patches for reducing puffiness. Eye patches anti aging face products are mostly used by women after 30.

(2) Eye drops: 

There are also medicated eye drops available in the market that helps in healing the puffiness of the eye. Antihistamine eye drops are specially made for removing the puffiness of the eye. They are the second best option after eye patches to reduce puffiness.

Other techniques:

There are also other beneficial techniques to remove eye puffiness than eye patches. Some of them listed below:

(a) Tea bags: Tea bags soaked in warm water, when put on the eyes provide great relief to the eyes. One needs to repeat the process 3-4 times a day to see visible results. The caffeine present in the tea helps in removing the eye puffiness.

(b) Essential oils: Oils like lavender oil and lemon oil possess medicated properties and help in reducing puffiness to a great extent. They are also easily available in the markets as well as online sites. They provide a mollifying effect in the skin under the eye.

(c) Coffee beans: Caffeine has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and puffiness.

Diets to Remove Eye Puffiness

There are a lot of food items which help in removing eye puffiness. Also drinking lots of water regularly helps in reducing eye puffiness. Some of those food items are listed below:

(1) Cucumber: Cut a slice of cucumber and place it in the refrigerator. Take it out from the refrigerator and place it on the eye for a soothing experience.

(2) Parsley: Eating parsley can help in a great deal to remove eye puffiness. Parsley removes excess fluids from the kidney and hence reduces puffiness of the eye.

(3) Oats: Oats provide enough fiber to the body and eases bowel movement. This helps in removing eye puffiness as one of the reasons for puffiness of the eye can also be constipation.

Things That Lead to Eye Puffiness

Alcohol: Alcohol causes sleep deprivation which contributes to eye puffiness and hence causes fluid retention in the eyes.

Dairy products: Dairy products also lead to puffiness of the eye and the situation can worsen if one is lactose intolerant.

Coffee: Caffeine is directly connected to the puffiness of the eye.

Salt: Salt which is the basic necessity of all food items causes puffiness of the eye as salt absorbs all the water and causes water retention.

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