Skincare & Beauty Lovers- The 2022 Natural Beauty Brand To Follow!

Skincare & Beauty Lovers- The 2022 Natural Beauty Brand To Follow!

May 11th 2022

Are you ready for complete skin obsession! From one skincare enthusiast to the other, there is a new kid on the block and they are ready to play.

Excuse our excitement, but its not everyday where a skincare company steps out of the physician wholesale market to sell online. Why is this good? Well, because now we, the average consumer, can get quality skincare shipped to our house. See if you recognize them

PriyanaMD, a `100% natural skincare and box-free company spent 5 years in the physicians space as a leader. Their brand looks more clinical so we will see if they overhaul their look. Also they are still committed to the doctors that put them on the map and private label for them which is cool! Well-known with a cult following in the USA and used by celebrities throughout Miami, New York and California. The brand is geared for expansion into Canada, Australia and Dubai in late 2022.

Known to formulate using 100% natural ingredients with:

1) Peptides

2) Antioxidants

3) Growth Factors

4) Natural Botanical Extracts

5) Love and Hyaluronic Acid

6) Retinol in Various forms

7) CBD

8) Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic Acid

Lets see if they start to making dynamic steps with an NFT to really play ball in the world of digital content. One word we can think of is obsessed so now we just sit back and watch. These guys are dynamic and have some amazing talent. Plus if you don't know what skincare is right for you, they offer free skincare recommendations here