What is the Best Growth Factor Serum to Put Collagen Back Into Skin

What is the Best Growth Factor Serum to Put Collagen Back Into Skin

Posted by Tooba Wains on May 10th 2022

Everyone loves healthy and youthful skin full of collagen. It is a prime aspect of one's personality to want to look and feel younger. We all love to try to maintain it with the utmost struggle. As time passes, your skin gradually loses its composure and liveliness and becomes weary and wrinkled. There are numerous benefits of collagen for long term skin health.

Because you lose collagen as you age, it’s crucial to use natural skincare products to promote collagen production. The mindset is that as you lose collagen, you are working to replace it.  Many new skincare products are introduced every year. Some of these products are high-end designer treatment products that help skin regeneration, repair skin cells and restore youth. Among these products growth factors stand out. Some may call them Stem Cells, Mesenchymal Stem Cells or Growth Factors and the names are all interchangeable.

Why do You Need to Use Growth Factor Serum?

1. prevent wrinkles and have your skin to look flawless

2. Repair skin and regenerate new skin

3. Moisture benefits

4. Skin tone and texture

5. Advanced aging reparative signaling 

6. Collagen and ceramide producers

7. Firmer and tighter skin

8. More supple skin and increased elastin

If your skin is getting dull and covered with fine lines and wrinkles, these might be clear-cut signs of why you should start using a growth factor!  Your face is the most prominent feature of the body. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain and pamper your skin with the correct products.

Collagen, Antioxidants, Growth Factors and Peptides are fomulated together in PriyanaMD®’s Hylacell growth factor resulting in a firm, tight and healthy look. Your skin will become more radiant, supple and youthful.

How to Pick the Best Growth Factor for Yourself

Purchasing the best growth factor natural product is very challenging. Your skin is a sensitive part of your body and you should not expose it to harsh and harmful chemicals. Here is a complete guide to buying the best growth factor serum.

1. Is the Growth Factor formulated with Collagen, Peptides, Antioxidant and other natural ingredients that jumpstart the aging recovery process

Most companies formulate using a variety of ingredients such as PriyanaMD® Who uses peptides, rich antioxidants and botanical extracts to help reduce signs of aging. 
It Shouldn't Contain Harmful Chemicals

Most skincare brands claim products are harsh and chemicals-free. PriyanaMD® products are all natural, paraben-free and no animal testing. The company takes it a step further and is a boxless or “box free” company to reduce waste and eco sustainability. They use the most advanced ingredients without the harmful side effects to help consumers feel satisfied and assured

3. Affordable Price

You may be aware that some expensive products don't meet expectations. Quality and price are two different features and buying the most expensive product can sometimes backfire. 

Few brands offer high-quality products and sold at a reasonable price. Growth Factors are traditionally more expensive than other skincare products ranging from $169-$225 per 1 oz bottle and Hylacell Growth factor retails at $149 making it one of the most affordable Growth Factors on the market. 
4. Effective

Why purchase a product that is not effective? You'll waste your money and product efficiency is what matters the most. If the results aren't speedy or promising, you'll lose faith in the product's quality and assurance. That being the case, before purchasing, be sure to read the product's reviews to decide whether it is worth buying

5. Is it time to an exfoliator 

If you are not getting results with any previous products you have ordered in the past, you may consider adding skin exfoliation. How is any topical skincare product penetrating the dermis if you have dead skin cells? We will review this in the next collagen blog series, but exfoliators like AHA, BHA acids help to remove dead skin cells so that treatment products like Vitamin C, Caviar Creams and Growth Factors can work their best in skin. Exfolaitors can be found in Retinols, Cleansers, peels and enzyme gels. The most simple way to exfoliate is adding a cleanser to a skincare regimen like PriyanaMD®’s VersaCleanse® AHA. If you are looking for a more intense exfoliators try VersaPeel®, an at home deeper level exfoliator. To review all PriyanaMd® exfoliators visit

What Makes PriyanaMD® HylaCell® Growth Factor Regenerative Serum the Best Serum?

You can never get enough of HylaCell Growth Factor Regenerative Serum. Here are a few benefits of the product that make it a top-notch quality brand among other skincare brands

1. All In One

The best thing about the HylaCell® Growth Factor Regenerative Serum is that it is the one solution for all your skin-aging problems. You don't need to use different products for your skin-aging issues; the powerful formula would do it all. From reducing the appearance of wrinkles to preventing your skin from sagging, you name them; it defies them. It will save a lot of money from spending on useful repetitive products.
2. The Stem Cell Therapy

Another surprising aspect of this product is its stem cell therapy. The product promotes stem cell therapy that enables the regeneration of the skin. When the formula enters the skin, it will stimulate the repair response of the damaged and dysfunctional cells.

The products easily get absorbed in your skin, and the damaged tissues will repair more speedily. It will give rise to restoring skin, making you look younger and stunning.
3. Promising Results

Most growth factor serums fail to deliver effective outcomes. The result of the product is the most crucial factor. You can ignore every other quality if the results fail to meet your standards.

With the use of HylaCell® Growth Factor Regenerative Serum, you will get promising results rapidly. It won't be necessary to test a product for months and don't get satisfied. With the slightest use of the product, your skin's rejuvenation process will stimulate, and your skin will start to regain its brighter and ultimate glowing look.
4. Compatibility

The product is very compatible with other skincare products. If you like to use popular skincare products like hyaluronic acid and retinol, the product will not cross the effects of the other skincare products. You can micro-dose, aka mix,  with HylaSilk® and other HA serums if you want this product to travel down to your neck and chest.


There is a term "well aging" associated with skincare. To age well, you need to stay stress-free and relaxed, which is considered impossible. Treatment products like Growth Factors are used to stimulate collagen, they have collagen benefits and can be easily used in a skincare regimen. With the frequent use of HylaCell® Growth Factor Serum or Cream you can help slow down the process of aging. If you notice your skin doesn’t respond to any products previously or if you have significant sun damage, you may need to add an exfoliator to your skincare regimen. Together, you can reduce sun damage, improve skin health, and regenerate your skin cells to make your skin look healthy, firm, and youthful. Say hello to ultimate glowing skin with HylaCell® Growth Factor Regenerative Serum. And good news, if you don’t like collagen skin serums you need more moisture, HylaCell® Growth Factor Cream is the way to go!

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