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Complexion Correction Pads


About Complexion Correction Pads

These complexion correction pads are double-sided-soft/textured skin lightening and acne pads help to minimize the appearance of pore size and offer anti-aging benefits. Includes Glycolic Acid Complex, Salicylic Acid 2%, Mandelic, Phytic and Lactic Acid this blend of acids help to combat the skins of aging and are amazing for hyperpigmentation and acne hyperpigmentation.

Why Choose Correction Pads From PriyanaMD?

These correction pads from PriyanaMD are popular for those seeking to look younger, reduce hyperpigmentation, minimize pores, reduce blackheads and have overall skin balance and skin lightening.

Complexion Correction Pads Reviews

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Posted by Dr. Kathy L. Anderson on Nov 30th 2020



Posted by Gail Day on Aug 7th 2020

I have been using PryiannaMD skincare for about 3 years. It’s excellent!!

Didn’t receive “correction pads”

Posted by Linda Carriveau on Apr 21st 2020

Didn’t receive “correction pads”

Looking forward to trying the...

Posted by Dave Gamble on Jun 24th 2019

Looking forward to trying the product


Posted by Colt Tucker on Apr 30th 2019

Correction Pads


Posted by Jennifer Thompson on Mar 7th 2019

Correction Pads


Posted by Jeffrey Hammond on Feb 13th 2019

Correction Pads

Stellar product and best results imaginable!

Posted by Sueq Thirlwall on Feb 8th 2019

I am so incredibly happy to have finally found the best product that really works! ThNk you PriyanaMD and bravo!


Posted by Carolina on Jan 31st 2019

The absolute best of the best exfoliator on the market! After trying hundreds of products, nothing works better and faster than this amazing “makeover in a bottle”! Two minutes or less and you will see a beautiful difference! I am officially addicted to this wonder product! Love it so much!

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