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VersaLash® Black 3D Fiber Lash Mascara



VersaLash 3D Mascara – Black 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

VersaLash 3D mascara is the answer to all your less amount eyelash and eyelash troubles. It is all glam without the glue. Now you would not always have to wear a pair of false eyelashes each time you are attending a party, date night, or any occasion. False lashes are so difficult to apply and wear for longer duration, as it starts to get heavy, and you start feeling heaviness on the top of your eyelids, flaking, and irritation is also caused when wearing them more hours. All these troubles can be solved in a moment when you wear 3d fiber black mascara developed by PriyanaMD.

With 3d fiber lash mascara, all you need to do is apply a coat or two as required on your lashes, and you are too good to go. It gives a decent amount of volume to your eyelashes, and give you those heavy bushy eyelashes without even wearing the false ones.
It will give you that confident look and uplifts your eyes with the bushy black hair while creating the drama in the eyes perfect for any occasion you are heading out for. The sudden volume in the lashes would be visible and will give you a parlor ready false lash look. Your look will change from no eyelash or less eyelash to red carpet ready lashes with intense color and length.
The formula is so smooth and not transferable while applying and glides easily with the direction of your lashes.

Let us talk about the essential ingredients present in VersaLash 3D Fiber Lash Maskara:

VersaLash 3D Mascara is enriched with green tea fibers, vitamin-rich peptides, other pigments, and intense color. This is probably the best 3d fiber lash mascara as it instantly gives a boost of volume to your eyelashes just in a single coat of the mascara, unlike other mascaras available in the market.
The green tea fibers present in the 3d fiber black mascara gives an instant boost to the volume of your lashes and provides a great length to them as well. There is a visible difference in your eyelash game. The vitamin-rich peptides also help in making the eyelashes look thicker and intense.

Benefits of VersaLash 3D Fiber Black Lash Mascara:

• It is the best 3d fiber lash mascara for anyone who wants to have the look of false eyelash naturally.
• Instantly improves the length and volume of your eyelashes.
• It intensifies the black color of your lashes.
• No irritation can be felt while applying this mascara as it is made with no harmful ingredients.
• You get real thicker lashes in no time by just applying few coats of 3d fiber black mascara.
• It keeps your eyelashes safe with the natural ingredients present in the formulation of it.
• It creates a huge difference, and that too appears so natural.
• It increases the length of lashes by 300% as it claims.


VersaLash is formulated with a clinically proven natural peptide that stimulates lash length and thickness while also conditioning lashes. Our unique Natural Green Tea Fiber technology formulated with Natural Beeswax adheres easily to the Mascara Transplant Bonding and water resistant gel to create a long lasting, beautiful and natural mascara appearance.

PriyanaMD Technologies  
HylaCell® Technology  
Microflake Technology  
VersaSphere Technology  
HylaFoam HyperGlide Technology  
Dual Encapsulation Delivery Technology  
Boxless Product Packaging X

VersaLash is used in conjunction with aestheticians and make-up artists for wedding parties and events to create a red-carpet ready look.

Available for Private Label: No

Consumer Use

VersaLash 3D Mascara is best when applied one lash at a time. First apply the transplant gel mascara. On the same lash, apply the Green Tea Fibers to tips/end of the lashes and build the lash up to your desired length. While applying fibers, pay close attention to the corners of the lashes and upper lash bed. Final step is to reapply the Transplant Gel Mascara with 1-2 passes to bond/lock the fibers into place. Remove with soap and water.

Ingredient Integrity: Mother Nature Is Our Scientist
Ingredient Mother Nature Science
Water X  
Beeswax X X
Natural Propolis (Beeswax Glue) X X
Carnauba (Brazilian Palm Glue) X X
Iron Oxide CI 77449 (Black) X X
Collagen X X
Acrylates Copolymer   X
Nylon   X
Stearic Acid X X
Propylene Glycol   X
100% Natural Green Tea Fibers X X

Made in USA

VersaLash® Black 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Reviews

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Posted by Barbara Matthews on Aug 11th 2021

I love VersaLash mascara from PriyanaMD! It extends my lashes naturally and looks good all day long. And then it comes off easily at night before bed. I would highly recommend VersaLash 3D Fiber Lash Mascara from PriyanaMD to anyone who wants their lashes to look great!


Posted by Karen Boyd on Jul 4th 2020

Great product


Posted by Theresa Michael on Feb 17th 2020

Love how easy this product is to use, and it looks great

VersaLash® 3D Fiber Black...

Posted by Virginia Starnes on Jul 16th 2019

VersaLash® 3D Fiber Black Mascara

Awesome Customer Service!

Posted by Adriane Ritiche on Jul 9th 2019

I love ordering from your company..everyone is always so nice and helpful. I feel that customer service goes out of their way every time in some fashion. I will recommend to anyone:) I look forward to trying other products and potentially private labeling with you!

VersaLash 3D Fiber Mascara

Posted by John Tyrone on Aug 23rd 2018

We just re-ordered this product. Come to our office and see why it is amazing! Beautiful lashes instantly. http://www.nfamedispa.com/

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