All You Need To Know To Get Effective Results For Stopping Neck Wrinkles

Image Source- Pixabay

You might have had your fair share of experience with neck creams; swearing by being the amazing one and would just tempt you to have a go at it for at least once and when you hit the bottom of the box you realize it was just another fruitless investment on something that took your money, time and patience, with giving nothing in return.

Don't feel down and blaming yourself on trusting something that legit said being the bestselling and most effective cream in the market. We all have been through those witty marketing schemes, alluring us to bid in our every single penny onto some fancy little bottle, which by the way we are aware isn't even the money worth. Still, we give it a shot; oh! The sad story of innocent us.

The skin on the neck is more susceptible to signs of aging as it’s thinner than the skin on your face so the creams which are capable of firming your neck skin should be chosen wisely. There is bestselling neck cream out there in the market for sure but choosing the perfect one is pretty tough.

How to fight the fines lines and wrinkles:

Pineapple: Pineapple has an abundance of vitamin C, pineapple helps boost collagen production of the skin that in turn improves elasticity. So, your pineapple!

Cabbage: Cabbage contains skin-tightening properties that tone up loose skin and help reduce fine lines. Make a paste out of shredded cabbage juice and add a tbsp of honey, apply the paste onto neck in a circular motion and let the mixture rest in for about 15 mins and then, wipe it off. Use this remedy twice a week for best results.

Olive oil: Olive oil contains vitamins E and A, which repair, moisturise and regenerate new skin cells, thereby reducing wrinkles. Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with 1 teaspoon of glycerine. Massage the mixture onto your neck, every night, before going to sleep.

This homemade mask for neck wrinkles will show ultimate results within a week.

Tomato: Grind a ripe tomato into a smooth pulp, mix it with a teaspoon of rosewater and ½ a spoon of turmeric. Mix all the ingredients into a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your neck region. Wait till it dries and then rinse. Repeat this home remedy for neck wrinkles twice a week.

Neck skin tightening exercise:

The exercise recommends that you begin by sitting straight in a comfortable chair with your head angled back and your eyes staring at the ceiling to help stretch the skin of your neck. Lift your lower lip up and over followed by movning your top lip as far as it can go with your mouth closed. Hold this stretch for around 10 seconds and then relax and repeat 10 times.

The exercise is designed to help tighten the skin around the neck area and tone the skin by stretching it. Trying out some of the few DIY and the exercise along with your bestselling neck cream, will surely start showing greater results. Nothing is beneficial without any extra help you need to invest your time and take proper care and attention in order to see the results of the cream.