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Are you struggling with the prominent sign of aging- wrinkles? It’s an unavoidable factor that becomes more prominent and visible as we age. The reason being the youthful and firm skin is collagen that is part of an inner layer of our skin ( i.e., dermis). As we age the content of collagen in our skin also reduces making our skin lose its firmness and thus, become loose and fine lines start to appear onto the skin.

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Not only age is the factor for the formation of fines lines and wrinkles; such as- smoking, lack of antioxidants and vitamins, exposure to ultraviolet rays.

It is given that you can't completely get rid of those fines lines forming in the inner layer of skin and the wrinkles forming due to those fine lines.

But you can try some of the home remedies that might help to reduce the visibility of the lines, along with best selling neck cream that will help in providing skin with nutrition and essence that it lacks.

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Some of the remedies that you can try at home are:

Oils: the skin due to lack of moister start to get dry and eventually become permanent in the forms of fines lines of dryness in the dermis layer of the skin.

Oils like- coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil are abundant in vitamins and antioxidants.

Superfoods: such as tomatoes, almonds, blueberries and any food that helps you to replenish the lack of antioxidants and vitamins and nutrition in your body.

Plenty of sleep: we already know the importance of plenty of sleep. Have good hours of sleep help your body to re-energize itself from day to day tiring routines.

Masks: apply masks can help to get the skin a boost of moister. It is advisable to apply any moister masks twice a week to help the keep maintain its moister.

Massage: when the blood circulation in the skin reduces, it results in forming of fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, every night after applying moister give yourself a good message for at least 20 mins, around the neck and the face. This will help to maintain the blood flow in the face and the neck.

Do’s and don’ts to prevent wrinkles:

Do Stop Smoking: smoking is injurious to health is what we all have heard, but now it is necessary to take this warning seriously to have a healthy lifestyle and skin.

Do Get Facials or Give Yourself One: giving yourself of the luxury of facials and massage is a must to maintain the continued flow of blood all over the body. This helps to maintain the youth and freshness of the skin.

Do Wear Sunscreen: exposure to sunlight can also cause wrinkles. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are harmful to the skin. Therefore, always apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in the sun.

Don't Pull Your Skin: Never pull and tug your skin. Aging of skin causes under attack by UV rays, stress and carbon monoxide so don't stress it more by pulling on it.

Don't Skip Moisturizing: moisturizing is a must in your beauty regime. Apply plenty of moisture after you wash your face and neck and even after the bath provides hydration that was lost. Applying products for neck wrinkle can help in preventing the neck from showing fine lines as it is effective for a particular concern.