Facial Serums: The Secret for Clear Skin

Maybe you’ve read the title and have encountered several times with that word and thought: “what on Earth is a facial serum?”, and we’re telling you sincerely, you’re not the only one. And even if you do have several serums on your shelf, it still isn’t very clear what this specific product is.

Because if we see it clearly it seems like those sweeteners commercials. It moisturizes but you still need to use an extra moisturizer, it is oily but it’s not an oil, and although it’s liquid, it isn’t necessarily essential. So, what on Earth is a Facial Serum? Well, don’t worry because we’re here to answer all of those tricky questions

So, What Is a Serum?

As you may know already, it is a skincare product that has paved its popularity in the past couple of years. You use it after cleansing your face before moisturizing in order for it to have favorable results. Usually, they are formulated with powerful ingredients that can do wonders for your skin and need to be applied directly into it. This is because serums are composed of very small molecules that penetrate deeply into the skin, allowing all the active ingredients that serums are made of and having a powerful effect on your skin.

That’s why they suit wonderfully to treat specific skin problems, like wrinkles. Adding serums into your skincare means goodbye to ageing signs. Wonderful, right?

Does Serums Work as Moisturizers?

Yes and no. Let us explain, serums can contain a number of ingredients (like ceramides and hyaluronic acid) to help the skin retain moisture. But, in a traditional sense, this isn’t enough for them to be moisturizers per se. Creams and face lotions are created to make a good layer that can retain all of that with no problems, as for serums, they just pave the way for them.

Is there a real difference between face oils and serums?

Although is not a usual question is fair to ask it. Now, serums are water-based but with the overgrowing facial oils industry, many facial oils are being marketed as “serums”. Truth is that now, you can find two types of serums: water-based serums and oil-based serums.

We know, is more information to add but is necessary when you’re making a choice. Water-based serums are the ones that go under the cream and they are pretty much important, as they nourish the skin thanks to its minuscule molecules (as said before). The oil-based serums go on top of the moisturizer, and this is because the molecule is much bigger and their function is to keep all the moisture working its magic during the entire day.

As we said before, it's more information but, we want you to be sure of what you’re choosing.

Is it important for Your Skin to Use Facial Serums?

Okay so, if you’re still asking yourself this question, we clarify it for you. So, as we said before, facial serums have a wonderful nourishing power. These serums are formulated with powerful ingredients like vitamin C, A and K etc that can make a great difference for your skin.

So yes, using a facial serum can be all the difference between a dry splintered skin and a nourished clear skin. There are a number of serums that offer specific results for all skin types. So next time you go skincare shopping, consider bringing home some facials serums with you.

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