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HylaCell® Youth Accelerator Human Growth Factor Regenerative Serum



Stem Cell Human Growth Factor Serum For Face

A Priyana MD Signature, this rich stem cell growth factor serum houses growth factors and peptides to precisely assist with preventing the visible signs of aging. In physician offices, this product is often referred to as Human Growth Factor PRP Serum in a bottle. Human Growth Factor Serum for face accelerates youth and helps to rejuvenate the skin with a myriad of skin benefits. This power packed stem cell growth factor serum is the ultimate must-have product for advanced anti-aging. Used in Vampire Face PRP-Skincare Post kits for in-office treatments. Rich with proprietary stem cell technology, this revolutionary moisturizer goes hits all the marks for skin rejuvenation, helping to deliver noticeably younger-looking skin. Along with working to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, this lightweight youth accelerator aims to improve aging tone and texture—without any heaviness or oiliness. 

Suggested Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Sun-damaged, Aging


  • Visibly illuminate dull dry skin tone
  • Assist with preventing the visible signs of aging
  • Signature Growth Factor and peptide blend

 A stem cell growth factor serum that is also known as human growth factor prp serum helps to assist in skin rejuvenation, uneven skin tone. inflammation, dark spots. wrinkles and more. This stem cell human growth factor prp serum uses proteins to dramatically improved aged damaged skin.

HylaCell® Youth Accelerator Human Growth Factor Regenerative Serum Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

HylaCell Youth Accelerator Growth Factor...

Posted by Antoinette Mandas on Oct 2nd 2019

HylaCell Youth Accelerator Growth Factor Regenerative Serum

Love this serum!

Posted by Susan Walker on Sep 30th 2019

I love all my Pryiana products but the serums are killer. I just returned from my 45th high school reunion and several people commented on my skin and the fact that I didn’t look my age. Needless to say I was thrilled!
Thank you Priyana!

HylaCell Youth Accelerator Serum

Posted by April on Jul 9th 2019

This is the only product on the market so far that I have found that improves the texture of my skin. You have to try it That's what my girlfriend said. I'm glad I did.


Posted by April Gee on Jun 18th 2019

HylaCell improved the texture of my skin after several months of continued use.


Posted by Susan Rooney on May 9th 2019

Amazing as always. Helps grow my eyelashes and brows as well.

Skin Repair Serum

Posted by Linda T on Jan 25th 2019

We are a busy NY practice and this is our top selling face serum for all skin types. Our patients are reoccurring buyers and love this product. It delivers and we are very happy with results.

HylaCell Regenerative Serum

Posted by Kelly Jimenez on Nov 6th 2018

This product is very successful in our practice. I recommend it.

HylaCell Regenerative Serum

Posted by Mark Greig on Aug 23rd 2018

You want science in your skin, this is it. Dr. Greig at Youthful Reflexion only uses this Stem Cell as it really works! Our patients love this product and it glides on so easily and effortless. Beauty with Science and we get RESULTS!! Love all the products here but dont be confused that this is the workhorse in the regimen. Such a Must Have! Look us up https://www.youthfulreflexion.com/

Love this serum!!

Posted by Cheryl Catrett on Jul 26th 2018

I am a 43 year old female who is trying to slow down the aging clock. I was recommended by my Dermatologist to use HylaCell Youth Accelerator Human Growth Factor and I am so glad I listened to her!! I use it at night before bed, and in the morning my skin is glowing. The product is a little pricey, but definitely worth it, and a little bit goes a long way. A definite 'Must try'!!

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