Facile Ways to Deal With Sagging Skin

Apr 5th 2019

Sagging skin is one of the most exasperating skin problems that come with old age due to the excessive loss of collagen from the body. To deal with the problem people often opt for a lot of expensive chemical treatments which provide ephemeral solutions and deteriorate the skin for the long run. Instead, people should opt for creams as per suggested by dermatologists who do not have any side reactions on the skin and also help to restore the natural resplendence of the skin.

How to Choose From So Many Brands

One of the burgeoning problems that come with creams and gel is that there is a myriad of such creams available in the market and it really gets tough to choose the best cream for sagging skin or  best neck cream for sagging skin from them as all the brands claim to be stupendous. One needs to take care of the following points while choosing the required cream.

(1) Cost: After taking suggestions from a dermatologist, one should buy a cream according to one's budget and not simply invest a lot of money on these products.

(2) Review: One should especially keep in mind the reviews provided by other consumers on the sites. There are also a lot of magazines which provide ratings about the best cream for sagging skin, best neck cream for sagging skin, etc.

Sagging skin problems in the 20s

In the hustle and bustle lifestyle skin sagging problems often start appearing at a young age due to improper care of the skin. Some of the factors that lead to skin sagging problems are as follows:

Not proper cleansing: Our skin is exposed to a lot of pollutants daily and therefore it is extremely important to clean one's skin before going to bed properly. Any mild face scrub or homemade scrub can work to exfoliate the skin.

No sunscreen: Not applying sunscreen before stepping out of the house can affect the skin to a large extent due to the harmful UV rays. A SPF 30 sunscreen for face or above SPF 30 should be used.

Makeup Blunders: Makeup blunders like not taking off the makeup before going to sleep, not cleaning face properly before applying makeup can result in sagging of the skin.

Adverse Impact of Chemical treatments

A myriad of people chooses chemical treatments over sagging skin creams to restore the natural glow of the skin. These treatments no matter how much they claim to be effective are very harmful to the human skin. A lot of times these treatments lead to skin cancer which is one of the most excruciating diseases to combat with. Even after the deteriorating impact of these treatments on the skin, they charge a massive amount of money from people.

Non-Surgical Methods

One of the alternatives to chemical treatments which is also beneficial for the skin is the use Non-Surgical method. One of these methods is the  Fraxel treatment. It does not bring any dramatic changes but restores the natural beauty of the skin. Some of the salient features of this treatment are:

(1) No use of needles or Surgery

(2) Single treatment required

(3) There is also an integrated cooling provided

(4) It helps in removing pigmentation of the skin and the damage caused by sun rays.

Homemade remedies

Homemade remedies are also an option for people who want completely natural solutions and do not trust any drugstore product or surgeries. Some of them are mentioned below:

(1) Lemon: Lemons contain vitamin C which helps in collagen production and restores the elasticity of the skin.

(2) Coconut Oil: It removes the free radicals that can harm our skin and also moisturizes our skin. Moisturizing one’s skin with coconut oil before going to bed can help in a great way.

(3) Coffee scrub: Coffee contains umpteen antioxidants that reduce the signs of skin aging. It also exfoliates the skin which is an added advantage.

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