Keeping Your Skincare Regimen Paraben Free!

Posted by Zahra Spencer on Sep 4th 2018

We often spend a lot of time thinking about what we put in our bodies— we do yoga, we order salads when we’d rather order ribs and we try not to overdo our coffee consumption (most of the time). Isn’t it funny that even though we think so much about what we put into our bodies that we don’t spend nearly as much time thinking about the products that we put on our bodies as well! Natural skincare products are essential to promoting a clean lifestyle. These are products that specially formulated to produce wonderful results, without any harsh chemicals. 

Parabens are one of these chemicals that could potentially be harmful to your health, which is why they are best kept out of your beauty routine. Parabens are a beauty industry mainstay and have been included in beauty and skin products since the 1950s. They are essentially synthetic preservatives, basically helping to extend the life of your favorite products. They keep microbes, bacteria, molds etc. from growing in your products, but due to their nature as preservatives, they also last a really, really long time. This might be problematic because they also enter your body via your skin and can stay in your tissues. While the jury is still out, parabens have been shown to mimic estrogen in the body which can disrupt hormone production, increasing your risk of breast cancer and other reproductive issues, along with illnesses such as chronic diseases, several developmental disorders and even fertility problems. Traces of parabens have even been found in breast tissue! And while we don’t want you to be alarmed, we definitely want you to be aware when you buy your beauty products. 

PriyanaMD is a paraben free skincare company, that formulates without the use of parabens or Sodium Laurel Sufate. We know that what is in the product, is as important as what is left out of the skincare product. There is no definitive answer on parabens, but what we do know is sticking to natural products and ingredients can take the worry out of your skincare. After all, worrying leads to wrinkles and we wouldn’t want that!

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